No More Silence

Over the past couple of days, the world has seen unrest from the tragic murder of George Floyd, an innocent black man from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This murder was committed by the people who say they protect us but rather seem to be oppressing us, not to say all police officers are the same however it seems that the United States police force has a record of these types of injustices. In this event Derek Chauvin, the officer who held his knee on top of George Floyd’s neck as he stopped breathing, was not solely responsible but so were the officers who stood by and watched as this heinous act occurred. This death is reminiscent of the death of Eric Garner back in 2014 which goes to show the white supremacy, zero-accountability, and injustice with our “criminal justice” system. This murder has resulted in protests across the world and has upraised a new movement in our society, one which should have been addressed long ago.

When I first heard about the death of George Floyd it was something that shook me to my core, because it showed me that the people I was taught to look to in times of danger were ones that I should fear. Racism is so prominent in all aspects of society, back in 6th grade I was discriminated consistently by a teacher who I saw as a mentor, a role-model. These are things that our future generations should not have to worry about, children should not have to worry about studying harder because of the color of their skin, or worry if they will be accepted in society due to the way they look.

We as a society tend to disregard the fact that racism is so active in our everyday lives and it's saddening that a death had to provoke this much-needed movement in our world. We think that just because slavery was abolished that black suppression is not a systemic issue or just cause residential schools in Canada’s Aboriginal Community are no longer present that discrimination does not occur within these communities. Now is the time to address these systemic issues and not just with a simple story on Instagram but by marching along those who feel oppressed and signing petitions to lobby for equality and rights within minorities. It is our job to not conform to a system that was never intended for minorities but create a new and inclusive system where white privilege is a thing of the past.

Racism is an issue that not only stems from the Caucasian population but is seemingly predominant in minority communities. Personally, belonging to the South Asian community, I have seen this firsthand, although I was taught from a young age to treat everyone equally no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation, many South Asian’s discriminate against the black community. This ideological thought really makes me think, how can a minority who has grown up with discrimination and injustice discriminate against those who are going through the same experience. Rather than shoving them aside we must stand with them, protest with them, lobby with them, and speak with them. We must stop dividing ourselves because we are al trying to work towards a common goal, one where all children can go for a walk and not have to worry they will be shot because of their skin color, or express their right of free speech and not have to worry that they will be teargassed in the streets. This is racism in modern America, and it should no longer be tolerated.

The Black Lives Matter movement was founded in 2013 and has been a leader in the current movement. Now although all minorities have faced racism in one form or another, the black community has been hit the hardest with this systemic issue for decades. Black culture seems to be more appreciated then black lives, and even I have been ignorant of this as I am only now speaking out. White people also praise black culture when listening to rap music at parties or when brands use black artists in marketing, but when a black person gets murdered by a white individual, they seem to stay silent. We can no longer blame black people for the hardships they have faced while ignoring the oppressors who have placed them here. Racial injustice is so prominent yet so ignored, white people can protest with guns on capitol hill because they could not get a haircut but when the black community protests for basic human rights they are policed and attacked. No longer can we let this institutionalized racism be the backbone of the criminal justice system. No longer can we allow the black community to be compartmentalized outside of society. No longer can we let white privilege be held to a higher status than a black life.

Words cannot fully express the issue at hand and my feeling and opinion towards what is occurring and that is why this is only a small view into what I feel and would like to express. However, to put this into perspective, this is only the beginning, the beginning of my fight to end racial discrimination and racial injustice within the black community and within all minority communities. You do not have to be black to stand alongside the black community, it is time we unite as one to support those who have been continuously oppressed. If you want to help but do not know how to you can donate, sign a petition, protest in the streets, reach out to your local, state, and federal governments and lobby for change, you can find some links below to guide you.

To conclude, I would like to first and foremost say that Taza Collections stands united in the fight against racial discrimination and injustice and denounces all forms of racism and is committed to equality. We fight for George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, and all victims of police brutality. Personally, I stand united with the black community and will fight alongside you, I promise to protest, donate, and keep speaking out because this movement will not fade away when it stops “trending”, I promise to start conversations and advocate for those who have lost their lives and to the communities that face this injustice daily. It is time we all become Anti-Racist; no longer can we allow our oppressors to win. Let us together stand up and formulate an opinion because no longer is being indifferent okay, it is being complicit.


There comes a time when silence is betrayal – Martin Luther King, Jr.


We encourage you all to start a conversation in the comments below and share your opinion with us!




George Floyd Memorial Fund -

Minnesota Freedom Fund -

Campaign Zero -

Black Lives Matter -

Raise the Degree -

George Floyd -





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