Hello, my name is Tahir and I am 12 years old and my name is Zakiya and I am 10 years old. We are the founders of TAZA COLLECTIONS. Our parents use to always say “when we have a business we should name it TAZA – TA from Tahir and ZA from Zakiya.

TAZA COLLCTIONS was born in Calgary, Alberta on June 2017, over many days and hours of vivid discussions on what products should we be associated with. We are both very passionate about service to the community and helping those less fortunate than us. TAZA COLLECTIONS has a vision to create a not for profit organization- TAZA FOUNDATION. In the past we have contributed to causes such as Me To We Club through school and The Aga Khan World Partnership walk through community relationships. We hope that YOU – Our customers will help us to get there. When you buy from TAZA COLLECTIONS you are partnering with us to help those less fortunate than us………..the purpose of the inception of TAZA COLLECTIONS.

We all wanted a unique item that either we manufactured and designed and/or carried from a supplier. If you knew us, you would know how much we love to shop and wear things that are AWESOME and unique. We came up with the concept of natural gemstone bracelets but not just your regular stone bracelets that you find on-line. With strong mentorship and business experience from our parents we wanted to provide quality and bling in our design in hope the experience we gain will grant us success and branding of TAZA COLLECTIONS.

Be sure to check out our signature collection, our one of a kind and custom designs. Hope you wear and gift your bracelet with much pride and enjoyment as we have in creating our COLLECTIONS.



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