About Us

It was the summer of 2017 when Taza Collections was created with a mission in mind, its goal was to create a better world for those in need. Through the art of jewelry, two young entrepreneurs Tahir and Zakiya Natha started what would today be known as Taza Collections.


It is not every day you hear of two children aged only 14 and 11 creating their own business in mind to help others. They created Taza Collections to give back to the local community in their hometown of Calgary, Alberta and hopefully grow to give back to people throughout the world! This year they partnered with the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter to help women and children in distress regain their lives back. The brother-sister duo has no plans to slow down either, since starting back in 2017 they have grown Taza Collections exponentially and are on pace to grow even larger in this new year.


Tahir is a young boy, aged only 14! He runs the daily operations of the company with the support of both his parents while his sister, Zakiya aged 11, runs the design and manufacturing aspect. The two run the business from the comfort of their home but plan to expand soon with the support of the local Calgary community.